TraceSMS is a Smart Messaging Solution simplifying interactions.

TraceSMS has been involved in the evolving Mobile Messaging Industry since 2008. We've been been involved in creating flexible and usable solutions since inception. We have stayed through to keeping everything simplified, in order, to deliver your messages timely and reliable.



We are connected to multiple secure and trusted partners that ensure delivery of your messages over encrypted networks.


Message gets to targeted audience almost at the same time the message is sent with highest possible delivery rate.


Solutions made for Human interaction. All solutions are crafted for full customisation and to deliver specifically to your need and requirements on request.

Friendly Interface

Our platform is made for Human. We've stripped all excesses & delivered an easy to use platform for you no matter what device in use.

Nothing Hidden

We operate a transparent billing system that is clear and easy to comprehend with no hidden charges.


Quick and intelligent Support Staff committed to ensuring your interactions are not hindered.

  • We've spent the last 8 years crafting messages and delivering SMS for our customers. We have helped our customers to smartly reach their targeted audience using Cutomised SMS to send notifications, alerts etc using our evolving, fully-supported and user-friendly platform.

    Let's handle your smart communication solutions. Talk to us about BulkSMS today on +234(8)12-0069-120) or
  • Need a mobile number for dynamic 2-way Messaging?

    You can have a more interactive messaging system with our 2-Way Smart Messaging. 2-way messaging provides you with virtual phone numbers that can easily be implemented into applications enabling for 2-way interactions.

    Use any number to run multiple campaigns and measure results better, through our smart longcode messaging.

    Our system allows you to :

    • instantly deliver and receive feedback
    • measure campaign effectiveness
    • easily configure auto-responses for 2-way SMS campaigns
    • concentrate on business and worry less on logic
    Let's handle your smart communication solutions. Talk to us about 2-Way SMS today on +234(8)12-0069-120) or
  • eMail Marketing is a convenient and affordable solution that allows to engage customers and audience using the time-tested email system.

    eMail Marketing can stands you out from the crowd, as well as making your brand to be easily recognised and welcomed by your audience.

    Our eMail Marketing solution was created to address the growing market need for individuals and businesses to effectively manage interaction with clear identity.

    Let's handle your eMail marketing communication. Talk to today on +234(8)12-0069-120) or

  • Our database marketing allows you to directly target your message or campaign to a specific audience using your defined demography.

    We have wide criteria that you can use to generate phone numbers or email lists to direct your message to your desired audience in and around Nigeria.

    For more information, call: +234(8)12-0069-120) or

    Our Database Marketing support both Email and SMS.

  • Professional Smart Messaging Solution is a fast growing branch of the Value Added Service of Telecommunications Industry. It is a business you can start with almost no investment, offering good opportunities for profit.

    Over the years, our Resellers have contributed greatly to our success story -together we have expanded horizons and possibilities on the mobile space.

    Our Reseller package gives you a complete suite of technologies and tools for running a Smart Business.

    Let's handle your smart communication solutions. Talk to us about BulkSMS today on +234(8)12-0069-120) or

You can conveniently make payment to any of our bank accounts or use your debit cards.


  • Bank Name: GTBANK
  • Account Name: Trace Media Ltd
  • Account Number: 02410 42891

Fidelity Bank

  • Bank Name: Fidelity Bank
  • Account Name: Trace Media Ltd
  • Account Number: 40112 27167

First Bank

  • Bank Name: First Bank
  • Account Name: Trace-IT & CO
  • Account Number: 20246 21043

Vogue Pay

  • Gateway Name: Vogue Pay
  • Merchant ID: 12135-080

"If you’re curious as to the best time to reach your audience, studies show that the peak hours for text messaging are from 10:30-11:30 P.M."


"Text messaging is the last resort for crisis communications: they don’t rely on voice channels for transmission."


"Texting is so popular that among adults aged 26-35 only 1 out of every 10 people would prefer to meet up face-to-face rather than send a text message."


"In 2013, global SMS revenue is forecast to break the $150 billion mark for the first time and will continue to grow."