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Account Name: Trace-IT & Co

Welcome to TraceSMS

“As you reflect on how well you interact … today, remember in TraceSMS you can be guaranteed all round, yet reliable mobile messaging services. Our most important task is to meet your need” TraceSMS

Simplifying your professional and non-professional interactions by joining our trusted SMS platform. We provide powerful API’s, professional database solution and stand-alone web and mobile applications.

We constantly work to ensure platform reliability and best performance in the industry. Our system and team make sure your interaction never stops.

Reach your audience with sales, events, alerts information via devices they never leave home without – mobile phones.

Great Facts (you need to know) about our SMS:

  • Primary form of communication for people ages 13 to 40
  • More than 60% of the population 13 and up own a cell phone
  • Over 90% of text messages are opened and read
  • Mobile marketing is the wave of the now and future
  • Mobile Solution is extremely affordable

With these amazing facts, the reason most companies – big, small or medium – are obvious.

Promotional, Marketing and any information get to the targeted audience almost at the same time the message is sent with great response rates.

Afford yourself the speed and affordability of SMS today. Talk to us today to get started!